What is Responsive Web Design? And why your website should be responsive ?


You might have heard the term Responsive Web Design being used nowadays more often, so what is Responsive Web Design? I will try to explain this new trend in web design industry in my own words.

The term Responsive Web Design was first coined by an independant web designer by the name Ethan Marcotte in an article on alistapart.com where the author suggested that with the advent of handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) there is very much need for a design process that caters for all devices, that adapts itself to any device, in other words that ‘responsive’ to any device of any size. Since then Responsive Web Design phenomena has taken the web design industry by storm.

Responsive Web Design Explained

Responsive Web Design mainly revolves around the theory that Content Is Like Water just like water or fluid fills up or occupies a container accordingly, a website should also fill up a device in the same manner the image below illustrates that :

Responsive Web Design

img source – wikipedia

As per the image web design should be like this if –  you open website in a mobile  device it becomes a mobile site, you open a website in a tablet it becomes a tablet compatible website, you open a website in a desktop it becomes a desktop compatible website.

So Responsive Web Design is nothing but the content of the website adjusting itself to different devices in which its opened or viewed.


Why Your Website Should be Responsive ?

Responsive Web Design has become necessary nowadays because more and more people are browsing internet using smart phones and tablets.

If you site isn’t responsive then people will not be interested in browsing it on devices such as smartphones or tablets and you will lose a majority of visitors to your website because of this. As of this year google has made it clear that it prefers responsive websites over non-responsive websites while displaying search results. If your website is responsive and optimized for SEO it has a good chance of showing up in google search results in comparison with sites that aren’t responsive.

So if you want your website to show up on google first page for search queries then optimize your site for search engines and make it responsive.


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