Top 5 FREE Testimonial plugins for WordPress

Today we are going through Top 5 testimonial plugins that are FREE for wordpress users, but first let us analyze why should we place testimonials on a web page ? whats the need for it ? Let me tell you testimonials bear a huge impact in buying confidence of your customers, they can help to instill confidence among those who are dubious about your website…well alteast that’s what I have felt about testimonials. They aren’t just another piece of content or text on your website they connect you with your customers in an indirect manner.


WP Customer Reviews (Free)

first testimonial

With over 40K downloads this is one of the best Testimonials plugin you will find for free, its very powerful yet simple to work with. You can receive and display customer testimonials on your site with ease.


All the testimonials are moderated so the site owner can choose which testimonials get shown. You can enter testimonials with shortcodes on whichever page you want or on any widget. You can do custom styling using an external stylesheet (CSS).


Testimonial Rotator (Free)

Second Testiomial

Testimonial Rotator offers a very simple way to create and manage testimonials. With over 20,000 active installs and a 4.4-star satisfaction rating, its easily one of the most popular free testimonials plugin out there.

You can display testimonials by through shortcode or through widgets. Some of the rotator settings that can be customized include the display of star ratings, previous and next buttons and author information.


Testimonials Slider (FREE version)

Third Testimonial


Testimonial slider plugin has over 6,000 active installs and a 4.2-star satisfaction rating. Testimonials Slider is a very simple plugin but is also powerful and flexible.

In order to add a new testimonials, just enter the Name, Website and Website URL as well as the full testimonial and that’s it!!!

You can then view all your testimonials in a screen that is pretty similar to how you manage WordPress comments, and choose to Edit or Delete testimonials. Display of the testimonials is done using a shortcode, and can be display as an automatically rotating slider or a full page listing.


Strong Testimonials (Free)

strong testimonial


Strong Testimonials has over 8,000 active installs and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating, it is a powerful plugin that works easily for beginners but also provides more advanced functionality.

You can customize the form to your needs by adding or removing fields, or changing properties like the order, the text before or after, and the placeholder text.

The display of testimonials is controlled by views which enable various options to be configured such as the style of display (list or slideshow), which testimonials to display, the sort order, and various layout and style options.


Easy Testimonials (Free)



Easy Testimonials, an easy-to-use plugin that enables a user to add testimonials to any post, page or widget. With over 30,000 and a 4. 2-star satisfaction, this plugin is a solid alternative to WP Customer Reviews. Its ‘easily’ one of the most popular testimonials plugin for WordPress.

Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed them into a Page or Post using the shortcode.Easy Testimonials includes several options that enable you to customize the display of the image with the testimonial and the link to read more about the product.


Thats it Folks, If you have any comments and suggestions please leave it below in the comments section.


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