Top 3 FREE WordPress Migration plugins that work well on shared hosting accounts


WordPress as every one know is the best software and CMS to create your website but sometimes the need arises to change or migrate your site to different hosting platforms. So what do you do then ? Migration of wordpress isn’t like migration of a static html / cwp-migrationss site, here MySql database is involved so you simply can’t upload the site via ftp and think that it will become live on another server no that won’t happen. Luckily there are some awesome plugins that make migration process a walk in the park.

One problem that I have gone through is that most of the migration plugins don’t properly work on shared hosting environments, I have personally gone through each and every plugin and here I’m with a list of plugins that I think will work on any kind of web hosting service and on shared hosting accounts too.


1. Duplicator



Duplicator is one my favorite migration and backup tool for wordpress its an awesome plugin, works well on most hosting platforms . I have been using duplicator for about an year and I should say its a very good plugin that problem is that for a non-technical person it will be difficult becuase the plugin creates a package (zipped archive) file and a installer.php file that you have to upload on your server and create a new MySql database or connect to a already available database, then run the installer.

I have personally used Duplicator on shared hosting environments like Godaddy hosting, Hostgator and Bluehost and Arvixe hosting it works fine.

off late I have seen errors with this plugin while creating packages for migration I hope the Plugin developer rectifies it soon. Nevertheless you can give it a try.

Download Plugin


WP Clone by WP Academy

wp clone image

WP Clone is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to move or copy a WordPress site to another domain or hosting server. You can also use it to move your site to/from local server hosting.

its not robust like Duplicator and may not work on all hosts. Still its a very good free plugin to use. I have personally used this plugin on hostgator and found it great on that environment.

Download Plugin

All in one WP Migration

all in one migration image


I discovered this plugin recently although it has just 80K downloads on WP plugin repository page, I tell you what ? It is the best plugin you will every find for WP migration purpose, at times when Duplicator and WP clone failed due to limited hosting resources this plugin worked like a charm.

You can backup, migrate your wordpress website in just a few click as simple as that,  no complicated process like Duplicator or even like WP Clone.

Try this plugin I’m sure you will like it.

I have used this plugin on Godaddy, Hostgator shared hosting enivronments and I have also used it on Yahoo hosting :-)

Download Plugin


Thats my review of WordPress plugins for migrations that work on shared hosting plans and on hosts like godaddy or even yahoo hosting.


If you are a plugin developer and have created a migration plugin then contact via the comments section I will be more than glad to review your plugin and list it on my blog.

Thank you all for reading this.



Mg Arfath

Web Designer / WordPress Developer


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  1. Chook
    Chook says:

    We use Duplicator, load it up and preform a migration with it. .. well like your experiences, we also seeing some errors.
    Recently, All in one WP Migration plugin was discovered. We only have used it a handful of times with 100% success rate.
    Where Duplicator had failed All in one WP Migration plugin just worked!


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