Top 3 CDN services to make WordPress sites load faster!!

Everybody loves to see their website load fast, given the fact that google Too loves fast loading website, you can’t sit quiet if your website is slow, so how do we optimize it to load fast ?  If you want to make your WordPress website load faster and make it  more secure, then using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one option available for you.

In this article, we’ll start with a brief introduction to this type of service, including some of the available benefits, before looking at the 11 best CDN services for WordPress users in 2016.

So if you want your wordpress website to load faster then keep reading this post. But first lets dwell a bit deeper and see what is CDN actually and what it means ??




What is a Content Delivery Network?

CDN services is a  network of servers that have been optimized for distributing static files of your website. These static files include the images, videos, scripts, and much of the content that makes up your website.

The CDN service providers have servers located all over the globe, instead of just in one data center. Since the static files of your website is equally distributed to all of these servers across the globe, that means wherever  your website visitors are located, there is likely to be a server relatively close to them.

Just to be clear on this, having a CDN doesn’t mean that you don’t need a web host, web host is very much required to store your website database and non-static files.

Now lets see what benefits do you get if you use a CND service, The first advantage is that speed of your website will increase, with a faster loading website there are higher chances of getting more conversions and leads. Simply because nobody wants to do business or be interested in a website that takes eons to load.

Google Loves websites that load faster, infact  Google considers site speed as a factor to determine rank of a website in Search Engine Results (SER). One more thing is that since your website files will be cloned and available on multiple network of CDN servers even if one server goes down the other servers will keep your website up, that means improved performance and better up-time for your website.

So lets Analyze the TOP 3 CDN Services for WP users.


1. CloudFlare




CloudFlare has servers in 76 data centers around the world. Your static website files will be distributed to the Cloudflare server network, so in combination with your webhost  that delivers the dynamic cloudflare will be able to speed up your website by generating the static files at a faster pace.

Cloudflare has a free entry-level plan and an easy-to-use WordPress plugin.


2. MaxCDN




MaxCDN is another leading Content Delivery Network  service provider, it is one of the most popular CDN service on the internet, MaxCDN has large number of server locations that are Distributed all across the US, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Once you signup with MaxCDN you will have access to the Dashboard that is very well optimized for even beginners to understand and control over how your website content is hosted by MaxCDN service.


MaxCDN offers free test accounts and a 30-day money back guarantee.


3. Amazon Cloudfront




Yes! you are right Amazon CloudFront CDN is from Amazon, the company also runs Amazon Web Services business that offers various kind of web services including Cloud Storage (S3), CloudFront Integrates with S3 Cloud Hosting Service that help in making your website load faster.

CloudFront has very big names in the business as its customers so you can consider your website much more safe, secure and in elite company.


If you got any questions, comments or sugestions leave it comments section below.



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