How much will a wordpress website cost ?

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WordPress is one of the best CMS that is available for FREE, its an opensource project. If you are planning to get your website done in wordpress don’t think twice, WordPress powers more than 23% of websites that are there on the internet which means millions of websites are using wordpress. WordPress is the apt choice but there might be a question arising in your mind are there extra costs involved in creating a wordpress website, in this blog post I’m going to tell you in detail about how much will it cost to create a wordpress website and make it live on the Internet.



First thing first if you are completely new to web design or website creation field, then you have to know that to get started you need a good web hosting service provider, your websites files will be stored on the servers of your hosting provider, so the main thing here is if you find a good web host who has fast servers than your website will be accessed at a real fast speed by the visitors of your website. If your hosting service provider has slow and unreliable servers that go down every now then, your website will load slow and it will not show up when the servers are down. I can suggest a few hosting services providers that are reliable and at the same time they aren’t costly either.

1- Hostgator


2- Godaddy



One year of web hosting for multiple websites will cost you about $96, there are cheaper plans too if you want to host just one website around $50. check the websites that I have listed above.

All the above webhosts come with 1-click install for wordpress which means you will not have to spend time in uploading wordpress software and creating MySQL database to install wordpress everything will be done instantly and automatically in just one click.

Web Designer Cost

Web designing about 10 years ago was very costly, with the advent of wordpress and other open-source platforms web designing has become more and more cheaper, you will find several wordpress website design services that offer web designing at really affordable prices. Price range starts from $150.

So in order to get a wordpress website up and running you need a good website hosting service provider and a good website designer, so lets put the total cost to $150 (design cost) + $60 (hosting cost single website).



This one depends on your choice, if you already have the content ready for your website (content means text and image for the website) then you just got to pay for hosting and designer, if you don’t have content than you have to pay for a writer to write content for your website. About images if you don’t have images already than you can buy stock images from websites such as shutterstock and dreamstime.

In the end if you want to learn wordpress and create websites than you are in luck becuase wordpress is quite easy to understand and you will be able to create your website in no time, in that case all you will need is a hosting service provider. But its always good to get your website done by a professional rather than creating yourself and making a mess out of it :-)


Thanks for reading the post, if you have questions please ask them in the comment section below.



MG Arfath Ali Khan

Web Designer / WordPress Developer




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  1. Fahad Rafiq
    Fahad Rafiq says:

    I agree with your points Arfath. Thanks for your words on wordpress. But for Hosting I suggest you to try Cloudways Platform. They offer free trial please check and review it,


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